The Positive Power of Suggestion

The changing of the seasons is upon us - my favourite time of year. I don’t mind which season is merging into which, I just love the coming of change - the change in temperature, in scenery, in traditions and in wardrobe choices. We are so lucky to have such a variety of seasons in the UK; this is why I could never live in a country with a constant climate - how dull that would be to me.

Summer is ending, and what a strange and turbulent summer it has been; an emotional roller-coaster attempting to navigate the destructive path of the coronavirus. Is it safe? Is a question that continues to shadow every idea or suggestion, which ultimately led to a summer of not doing very much at all.

And now we welcome autumn. If I had to choose a favourite of all four seasons, this would be it (and not only because it brings my birthday!) Autumn colours are my palette of choice in all things, and the beginnings of wrapping up warm against the cold on a blustery walk fills me with so much joy!

This Autumn has also brought with it the opportunity for children to get back to school and once again engage in learning and social (albeit distanced) contact. This is a blessing for so many, including my own children. Their emotional stability and well-being far outweigh the associated risks, in my opinion, and our household will surely be much happier all-round as a result.

Anyway, my waffling about seasons and hard times and change is steadily moving in some kind of meandering direction. On the first day my children went back to school last week, I was offered the opportunity to have a tarot card reading. Someone very close to me is a channel for such readings, and never having experienced one before, and having a day of peace for the first time in many months, I accepted. I have to say at this point that I consider myself to be an open-minded sceptic about all things religious and spiritual. I enjoy reading and hearing about other people’s experiences, but I have no religious or spiritual beliefs of my own, so I was intrigued to see what would happen. Here’s what did:

The reading took place virtually via a screen, but that did not hinder the experience. After a brief introduction into the world of tarot, Mel (my tarot card reading expert) asked me to close my eyes while she connected to my energy, and then to the universal energy that guides her. At the same time, I was asked to ponder any questions I might like answering, or just focus on the fact that I would like a general reading about where I am in my life right now. I vaguely thought about what direction my life is going in, especially surrounding the book I am writing. I no longer have the support of a creative writing tutor so a little guidance would be quite welcome.

Mel then started to shuffle the pack of tarot cards and asked me to say stop seven times so that she could take seven cards from the pack at those intervals: a seven-card eclipse spread. These seven cards each represent a different aspect of life. I will not mention the cards by name because, as I now understand it, the skill of a tarot card reader is to interpret the cards as influenced by my energy and by listening to messages coming from the universe (or higher spirit). Therefore, another person might draw the exact same cards, but the meaning and interpretation could be completely different.

Here’s a summation of my reading with Mel:

1. The first card represents what has recently, or is about to, come to an end. The card that was drawn represents a kind of adolescence - action, fast-paced, confidence and energy are words that were used to describe this card.

2. The second card represents what is currently happening right now - my present. The card drawn is like a father figure and represents authority, structure, rules and organisation. It is a strong character; the glue that cements its surrounding components together.

3. The third card is for my immediate future or new beginnings. The card drawn represents balance and a sense of right over wrong, possibly surrounding a legal issue. Is there something in my life that I feel quite strongly about, that I feel is unfair or unjustified?

4. The fourth card asks, what next? What path shall I take? The card drawn has an ominous feel about it, but Mel interpreted this one as actually representing a need to take some time out, look at life from a different perspective and surrender and shelve all my worries and fears, for they don’t matter as much as I think they do.

5. The fifth card considers my outside influences. The card drawn represents learning and new experiences, development through travel and acquiring new knowledge.

6. The sixth card encompasses my hopes and fears. The card drawn is one of immeasurable hope and confirmation to reach for my dreams and life goals. It is a card that says keep going, you are moving in the right direction and you are being supported all the way.

7. The seventh card is my final outcome. I drew a card that represents change, transition and transformation. The ending of one thing so that another can be reborn.

These were the cards that were drawn under my instruction, in this order, and through discussion with Mel I have been guided to think about how each card fits into my life. As I said before, I am lightly sceptical about the influence of a higher power, but I am very much a believer in the power of suggestion, and the power of that suggestion to give positive affirmations to the lives of those who know how to use it.

I will not bore you with every detail of how I interpreted the cards into my life. I will just summarise the best bits to illustrate how the cards have motivated my current mind set and encouraged a more positive outlook.

Many of the cards above carry a very masculine energy, but the card that represents my hopes and fears, card no. 6, is hugely feminine and positive, and is confirmation that, whatever else is going on in my life, my ultimate goals and dreams will prevail and are worth all the effort. This card alone, and all its associations, has saved me from my fear of failure. For example, I am feeling the strain of my body slowing down and changing (card 1), I have worked hard to motivate and unite my family during lockdown (card 2), I feel a little frazzled from juggling life and need some respite (card 4), and I am taking on new educational challenges to complement my goals (card 5). Card 6 is confirmation that my end goal of writing a novel - a good and read-worthy novel - surpasses all other aspects of my life, and there is no question that I should see it through to the end. Which I am, by the way, still working hard to achieve.

This reading has given me food for thought in terms of guidance, whether internal or external, and how the positive power of thought can be a wonderful thing. I am still considering card 7 and trying to decide what it is that I see myself transforming into - there are endless possibilities to visualise into reality with this one!

If you would like the chance of a tarot card reading with the wonderful Mel, you can email her directly at She offers a range of services to suit all budgets, so please ask for more details.

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