Silver Lining

Welcome back, I can’t tell you how relieved I am that you decided to join me once again. I will get straight to the point with this post. We are all experiencing uncertain and unprecedented times with the coronavirus outbreak and I really hope and pray that you and your loved ones are well. Something struck me recently while I was listening to the news and I wanted to express my thoughts here.

In my novel I am having to do a great deal of research into the Second World War, and what it must have been like to live through such difficult times. I have already read many books about it and tried very hard to imagine how families must have felt as our brave soldiers fought across the globe for our freedom. It’s hard to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and get it right, feel every emotion, every high and low, every vocalised thought, and every thought too fragile to be spoken. But I don’t have to imagine any more.

We are fighting our very own war on a global scale with the coronavirus, and our selfless and brave armies are our NHS and key workers fighting desperately on the front line. I feel totally humbled by these wonderful individuals, and I feel useless. I don’t have the skills or the kind of job needed to take part and join the fight. In fact, I am even considered vulnerable because of a medical condition that I have, so I’m even more useless. The safety of my loved one’s future lies in the hands of the NHS workers and all the key workers who support them. For this, I will be eternally grateful and every Thursday evening my family and I show our appreciation by banging drums, dancing, clapping hands, and making as much noise as we can outside our house, along with all our neighbours. I understand now how it feels to be vulnerable and helpless while the world is at war. If I can’t translate these feelings onto the pages of my book, then I’m not much of a writer at all. Please keep safe and well and stay at home to help our armies win this war.

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